Faith to Act    


            Yahweh said to Samuel                
            Anoint the one I choose                    
           Pour oil on his head                    
           This one do not refuse.                     

                         For here he is before you                           
             The one I choose this day                  
                 Look not upon appearance                
         Or you'll be led astray.                   

               My people need a leader                  
                      To guide them in the truth                           
          Someone who has faith to act     
               And I select this youth.                      

                         Though young, he will be faithful               
                  And do all that I command                     
                           So now go and anoint him                          
                      Upon my word he'll stand.                          

                   To follow his example                        
            All sin we must forbid                      
                            We must look to Yah in prayer                     
                               Just as the youth David.                             
by Richard Anderson


                          The doubting soul will stumble                     
                           And fear will then take hold                              
                          To lead you into darkness                            
                         Where sin and death enfold                             

                        If faith begins to waver                              
                            And hope is not around                                    
                                      Bend your knees in earnest prayer                    
                          And stand on solid ground.                              

                            For doing so will strengthen                           
                           The faith you have within                                  
                                     Doubt and fear will flee away                          
                            And keep your soul from sin.                             
by Richard Anderson

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