Read this often!Shalom!

Welcome to this new Web Site and may the shalom (peace) of YAHWEH and HIS Son YAHshua be your portion! HALLELUYAH!

IMPORTANT! The contents written in these articles should be affirmed only if they are according to YAHWEH'S law and HIS testimony. Instead of judging the contents of each article by something that one does not agree with, one should be like a juryman and listen to all the evidence, weigh it, and then decide if it is true or if it is false. Give each article an honest, thorough and unbiased investigation. Just as a prejudiced juryman may have been previously incorrectly informed with what he thought was the truth, it is also possible that one may previously have been incorrectly informed on some of the subjects discussed in these articles.

One should ask YAHWEH for HIS guidance while searching for these things in the scriptures. One cannot depend only on human beings for understanding because we all are too subject to making mistakes. We are led far too often with our adverse desires that causes us to rebel against YAHWEH WHOM we attempt or claim to serve.

May YAHWEH bless those who read these articles and are not offended by them.