Chronological Events of the Arrest, Trial,
Torture, Impalement, and Resurrection of

YAHshua Messiah.
By Donald Adkins

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LC 10 Abib: Lamb Chosen Ex. 12:3

SP 12 Abib: Sent to prepare for Passover still two days away. Mt. 26:2, 17-19; Mk. 14:1-3, 12-16; Lk. 22:1,7-13.

MS 13 Abib: Memorial Supper began at the end of 12 Abib on the beginning of the 13 Abib. Mt. 26:20-30; Mk. 14:17-26; Lk. 22:14-39. It was in the evening but was before the Passover was eaten. Jn. 13:1-2, 27-30. Ended at night.

YG 13 Abib: YAHshua and His disciples go to Gethsemane so that YAHshua could pray. Same night. Mt. 26:30-44; Mk 14:32-40; Lk. 22:39-46; Jn. 18:1-2.

YA 13 Abib: YAHshua's arrest - in the garden - same night. Mt. 26:45-56; Mk. 14:41-52; Lk. 22:47-53; Jn. 18:3-12.

TA 13 Abib: Taken before Annas the father-in-law to Caiaphas first. Jn. 18:13-23.

TC 13 Abib: Taken before Caiaphas - same night. Jn. 18:24-27; Mt. 26:57-75; Mk. 14:53-72; Lk. 22:54-65.

TS 13 Abib: Trial before Sanhedrin Lk. 22:66-71; Mt. 27:1; Mk. 15:1. *Notice this was when day came at sunrise. The cock had crowed earlier. Mt. 26:75; Mk. 14:72; Lk. 22:61. Cocks do not crow at midnight but at early dawn in the morning just before sunrise.

TP 13 Abib: Taken before Pilate. Lk 22:66-23:6; Mt. 27:1-2; Mk. 15:1; Jn. 18:28-38. *Notice this first time YAHshua was brought before Pilate was when day came early in the morning and not at midnight. It was after day came and He had been before the Sanhedrin. Again a cock doest not crow at any time near midnight but one had crowed earlier! This is not a new day coming at sunset for the new day had already came during the Memorial Supper for when Judas left to betray YAHshua it was at night. Jn. 13:29-30.

TH 13 Abib: Taken before Herod Lk. 23:6-12 later this same morning.

TBP 13 Abib: Taken back to Pilate the second time. Lk. 23:11-23; Mt. 27:11-25; Mk. 15:2-14; Jn. 18:39-19:15. YAHshua was sentenced at the 6th hour i.e. 12 noon at this second appearance before Pilate Jn. 19:14; Mt. 27:26; Mk. 15:15; Lk. 23:24-25; Jn. 19:16.

ICS/YT 13 Abib: In custody of soldiers. Mk. 15:15-16. YAHshua was in custody of a cohort (i.e. 600 men) at the Praetorium from shortly after 12 noon i.e. the 6th hour on 13 Abib until He was impaled at 9:00 am. i.e. the 3rd hour on 14 Abib. YAHshua was tortured some 20 plus hours. Mt. 27:27-30; Mk. 15:15-20; Lk. 23:24-25; Jn. 19:16.

LS 14 Abib: YAHshua led to the stake on 14 Abib. Mt. 27:31-34; Mk. 15:20-23; Lk. 23:26-32; Jn. 19:16-17.

IMP 14 Abib: YAHshua Impaled at the 3rd hour i.e. 9:00 a.m. Mt. 27:23-45; Mk. 15:22-23; Lk. 23:33-44; Jn. 19:18-29. **Notice Mark is very specific and says it was the 3rd hour when He was impaled. Mk. 15:25. It is physically impossible for YAHshua to have been sentenced and impaled on the very same day. Jn. 19:14 sentenced at 6th hour. Mk. 15:25 impaled at the 3rd hour. Cannot be the same day.

YD 14 Abib: YAHshua died at the 9th hour i.e. 3:00 p.m. Mt. 27:46-50; Mk. 15:34-37; Lk. 23:44-46; Jn. 19:28-30.

YB 14 Abib: YAHshua buried in the tomb sometime just before sunset before the High Sabbath on the 15 Abib when Passover meal was eaten. Mt. 27:57-60; Mk. 15:42-46; Lk. 23:50-56; Jn. 19:31-42

PE 15 Abib: Passover eaten on Abib 15 but Abib 14 Roman Reckoning. This was on Wednesday night for it is recorded that: In Jn. 13:1,2 feast of Passover not eaten by YAHshua and Hid disciples at the Memorial Supper. cp. Jn. 13:29-30. In Jn. 18:28 Passover not eaten yet when YAHshua was taken before Pilate on Abib 13 at daybreak. In Jn. 18:39 Barabbas was released for the Passover. In Jn. 19:14 when YAHshua was sentenced the Passover had not been eaten as it was a preparation day for it still.

YR 17 Abib: YAHshua's Resurrection was in the end of the Sabbath as the first day of the week was about to begin at sunset and the 18 Abib begin. It was not on a Sunday morning as many suppose as the Greek Texts have not been properly translated. More on this in another article soon. Mt. 28:1-10; Mk. 16:1-11; Lk. 24:1-12: Jn. 20:1-18.

*Note: What some fail to realize is that Scriptural days begin at sunset. The Scriptures say that YAHshua went before Pilate after day came, early in the morning (cp. Lk. 22:66-23:6; Mt. 27:12; Mk. 15:1; Jn. 18:28). Pilate sent YAHshua to Herod (Lk. 23:6-12) and Herod sent YAHshua back to Pilate later that morning. (Lk. 23:11). By the time Pilate sentenced YAHshua it was the 6th hour or 12 noon (Jn. 19:14) YAHshua had to appear before Pilate during the day of the Abib 13 for it would be physically impossible for YAHshua to be in front of Pilate at the 6th hour i.e. 12 noon on the 14th Abib because on the 14th Abib YAHshua was put on the stake at the 3rd hour i.e. 9:00 am. I find nowhere in the Scriptures where it says that it was midnight when YAHshua went before Pilate the second time. But I do find it to be 12 noon i.e. the 6th hour. A major proof of this is the cock crowing shortly before YAHshua was taken before the full Sanhedrin. A cock does not crow at midnight but at sunrise or just before dawn.

**Note: Chronological events can only be set by comparing and harmonizing each event in each gospel account as the events are at times blended together but are actually different times. One must pay close attention to the time of day or night that YAHshua was at each sequence of events. Not only does all the gospel accounts harmonize but it harmonizes with the Old Testament Passover as well.

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